Volume 3, Issue 2 (July, 2014)

Cover Art 6


Table of Contents and Introduction



Interview with Dr. Martin Marty

Interview with Claude Gatebuke


Fundamentalism, Extremism, and Dogmatism 

America’s Muslim Problem: Anti-Shariah Laws and the Threat to American Civil Rights by Qasim Rashid

Boko Haram Fundamentalism: A Critical Metamorphosis by Dr. Benson O. Igboin

Is Contemporary Naturalism Leaning Towards Fundamentalism? by Sean Butler


Judge’s Choice from The Society for Philosophy and Religion at Claremont’s Southern California Regional Student Conference

Ma’rifa and Gnosis-The System of Divine Knowledge in Sufism and Valentinianism by Eunice Villaneda

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We are excited to announce our new Call for Papers on the topic “Fundamentalism, Extremism and Dogmatism.” Click for more information: Call for Papers, Spring 2014

Also, we have a NEW Call for Cover Art: CJR Call for Art

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Vol 3, Issue 1 (Jan, 2014)

CJR Secularism ACTUAL FINAL cover JPEG


Table of Contents and Introduction



Interview with Dr. Phil Zuckerman

Interview with Dr. Peter Boghossian


Secularism and Religion

The Possibility of Secularity and the Material History of Fiction by Daniel Silliman

The Four Horsemen-A Retroactive Assessment by Duncan Gale

Human Rights, Religious Minorities, and Sovereign Responsibility-A Turkish Conversation by Rebecca Cardone

Hume’s Science of Man-Being Skeptical as Natural and Ethical by Courtney Anderson

Nietzsche and the New Atheists by Jeremiah Bowden

A Secular Morality and a Transcendent Set of Ethics-How We Can Be Good Without God by Seth Clark


Book Reviews

Review of Ronald Dworkin’s ‘Religion without God’ by Mark Satta

Review of Marie Cartier’s ‘Baby You Are My Religion-Women, Gay Bars, and Theology Before Stonewall’ by John Erickson



Against the Capitalization of Religion and Secularism-On Gianni Vattimo’s Philosophy of Religion by Friederike Rass


CGU Achievements 

Claremont Graduate University-Department of Religion Achievements of 2013


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Vol 2, Issue 2 (July, 2013)


Table of Contents and Introduction

Interview with David Hayward (a.k.a. the Naked Pastor)


Queer Studies and Religion

“Welcoming the ‘Whelps’-A Queer-Allied Reading of Matthew 15, 21-28″ by Catie Scudera

“Abjection and The Life of Mary of Egypt” by Tia Carley

Review of Scott Sijaj al-Haqq Kugle’s “Homosexuality in Islam-Critical Reflection on Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Muslims” by Gibson Ncube


Additional Articles

“Is Christianity a Simplified Version of Buddhism? It Could Be…but Doesn’t Agápē Originate Where Śūnyatā Originates?” by Wanderley Dias da Silva

“Reconceiving Revolution-Towards Micro-Revolutions of Becoming” by Timothy Murphy


Same-Sex Love and Marriage

“Defining Marriage in the Context of U.S. Democracy” by Matthew Zaro Fisher

“God Says ‘Yes’ to Same-sex Love” by John Dewis


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Vol 2, Issue 1 (Jan, 2013)


Table of Contents and Introduction


Introduction and Articles on Political Theologies of Liberalism:

Introduction to Articles by Dr. Richard Amesbury

“Weakening Liberalism-Rawls, Pluralism, and the Fact of Oppression” by Daniel Ambord

“The Problem of Nation-State in Democratic Politics” by Yi Shen Ma

“Spray Paint on the Border Wall-Challenging the Waning Sovereignty of the Nation-State” by Ann Hidalgo

“At the Margins of Sovereignty-An Expansion of the Implications of Political Theology” by Stephen Padilla

“Political Theology or Theological Politics-Paradox at the Heart of Democracy” by Shane Akerman


Additional Articles:

“Recognizing a Saint-The Politics of Identity within the Canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha” by Erin Routon

“The Libyan Revelation-Why Recent Events in Libya Should Revolutionize America’s Approach to the Muslim World” by Christopher C. Smith


Proceedings of “Ahimsa Day: 2012″ at Claremont Lincoln University:

Proceedings of “Ahimsa Day-2012″ at Claremont Lincoln University


In Memoriam of Dr. Marvin Meyer

“In Memory of Marvin Meyer-The Interpretation of These Sayings” by Seth Clark

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Vol 1, Issue 2 (July 2012)

CJR cover

Table of Contents and Introduction

Interview with Frank Schaeffer


Articles from “A More Perfect Union” Conference:

“Beyond Gay or Straight, Beyond Black or White, Beyond Christian or Jew-A Recovery of the Person as the Locus of Human Identity for Theological Anthropology” by Matthew Zaro Fisher

“Crossing and Dwelling-The Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed” by Kristin Peterson

“Blood in the Soil-Liberating Space, Identity and Farm Workers in the United States” by Patrick Reyes

“Buddhism and American Consumerism-Religious Identity as Protest” by Natasha L. Mikles

“Religion and the Complications of Personhood for Women” by Leanne Dedrick

“Darwin, Hubble, and God-Exploring Theologies of ‘the Fall’ in Light of Modern Science” by Sheri Kling

“The Prophet of Islam-Muhammad and Environmental Activism” by Ozgur Koca


Additional Papers:

“Let There Be Darkness-The Vampire as Agent of Theological Dialogue” by M. Jess Peacock

Review of William J. Webb’s “Corporal Punishment in the Bible” by Josh Heimiller

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Inaugural Issue (January 2012)

CJR cover

Table of Contents and Introduction

The Proceedings of “Gott ist tot”



Atheism, Theism, and Religious Pluralism

“Atheism vs. Theism- A Debate With No Winner” by Jeffrey Murico

“Epistemic Justification and Religious Truth Claims- Heim’s More Pluralistic Thesis” by Wm. Andrew Schwartz

“Can Egyptian Christian Women Identify with Hagar?” by Wagdy Elisha


Religious Biography, Religious Experience, and American History

“Divine Immanence- A Psychodynamic Study of Women’s Experience of Goddess” by Patricia ‘Iolana

“A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste- Arthur Fletcher, Spirituality, and the American Underclass” by David Hamilton Golland

“Not the Jesus I Love- Waco Residents Perception of the Branch Davidian Conflict” by Janet Jensen

“Vikings Red with Blood and Dead- White Martyrs and the Conquest of the American Frontier” by David Krueger


Book Reviews:

Sam Harris’ “Lying” by Kyle Thompson

Maria Hlavajova, Sven Lütticken, and Jill Winder eds. “The Return of Religion and Other Myths” by Justine Grace

Patricia ‘Iolana and Samuel Tongue eds. “Testing the Boundaries” by Ruth Dunster

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