Call for Papers & Art

The CJR now has an open call for papers, which means we are accepting and publishing papers year round.  Please submit your work whenever it is ready for review.

The current theme for the Claremont Journal of Religion (CJR) is Religious Reformation

What reformations have religions undergone? What reformations are currently in motion? Do religions need further reformation, or should they strive to preserve their traditional structures? The debate over the need for reformation throughout the histories of many religions has been passionate, with some sects calling for change, both doctrinal and practical, and others fearing that this so-called progress is nothing more than celebrated devolution. In this issue we will tackle all things reformation in hopes that a productive and informative conversation emerges that will influence people from all viewpoints.

As always, we will be accepting any scholarly articles, book reviews, and op-eds that deal with the broad topic of religion, but, in addition, we are hoping to attract a number of articles and book reviews that specifically deal with the religious reformation. Papers that engage with our current theme of “Religious Reformation” will be highlighted in our upcoming issue, which will be published online in January  2016.

If you are interested in having your artwork published along with our articles and book reviews, please contact Kyle Thompson at

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Kyle Thompson, CJR Editor in Chief, at

We hope that you decide to submit your diverse and interesting papers to CJR!